Tuesday, August 7, 2007

YouTube, ITube, WeALLTube!

Well, I must say, YouTube is potentially addictive. Luckily, I only have a dial-up connection at home that is in no way conducive to watching videos online. So, hopefully, I'm not in too much danger of getting hooked! I had to do my YouTubing at work where we have this lovely DSL connection. And I have really had fun looking up all sorts of things (mostly silly nostalgic stuff from my childhood.) I found lots of cool Labyrinth videos, one of which I might try to post on my blog if time allows. I also found some old cartoons and commercials from when I was a kid, which were fun to look at. There's also lots of Deadwood stuff, but, as is the nature of the show, most of those are laced with profanity, so I won't post any of those here (you are free to search on your own, though, if you are so inclined!)

I think libraries could certainly find ways to put YouTube to use. HCPL has already used it as a place to view short videos from last year's most excellent Staff Day (who can forget Elvis and the Saturday Night Fever dancers??) :-) I think we could possibly use it for training videos, too. And I was even thinking about how we could use it in conjunction with the HCPL website. For example, we could digitally record virtual "tours" of the library, and post them on YouTube, and then post the YouTube video on our website (something like "Check Us Out! Take a Virtual Tour of the Library!") Just a thought!

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