Friday, August 31, 2007


I've heard a lot about Podcasts, but didn't really know what they were until I completed this exercise. They're actually very cool, especially if you aren't able to catch your favorite shows during their original airings. Still, I'm once again hindered by my dial-up connection when it comes to enjoying this technology. That's probably one of the reasons I didn't bother to learn more about Podcasts before, because I knew they weren't anything I could play around with from home.

I did manage to find some interesting Podcasts that I would like to subscribe to if I had a faster internet connection. Yahoo's Podcast search was particularly helpful in finding some cool Podcasts. I found one for The Charlie Rose Show, which is a show that I like but rarely catch on t.v. (although, I do have Tivo, so I suppose I could just Tivo it, but I never thought to do so.) I also found some librarian-related Podcasts that sounded intriguing (Open Stacks and Librarians Matter, to name a couple.) But, again, I would be more excited about this technology if I could take full advantage, but I can't! Oh well...C'est la vie!

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